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Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on our website. Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that helps website owners understand how visitors engage with their website. We use it, for example, to determine which search terms people use to find us and which pages on our site receive the largest number of visits.

Like many internet services, Google Analytics uses cookies—small text files stored on each visitor’s computer’s hard drive—to collect information about how visitors engage with the website. It uses these cookies to collect only non-personally-identifiable information, such as the visitor’s IP address, whether they are a returning visitor, and which site referred the visitor to the website. This information is transmitted to Google, allowing us to view it using the Google Analytics data visualization software.

You can learn more about Google Analytics here:

Google provides a free browser plug-in visitors can install in order to block (i.e. opt out of) Google Analytics collection.

You can learn about the plug-in here:

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